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  latest version 1.41
Orbit Features
Orbit is easy to use as users select actuarial assumptions without the need to write any code. The assumptions are structured in a modular way which simplifies the assumption setting process and increases the user’s intuitive understanding of life insurance modelling.
Additional features include goal-seeking for premium rates and commission rates, for each age point if required. Sensitivity tests are easily added. Cash flow results are displayed in a tabular cash flow, a summary, and several graphical charts.
The assumptions are stored in assumptions sets which contain many assumption tables, for example mortality tables or lapse rates. These assumptions tables can be locked by a user which means a previously approved and locked table will not need to be rechecked by a reviewer. Assumptions tables can be imported from a central location such as standard mortality tables.
Orbit provides functionality to generate a cash flow report pdf document when running a cash flow which shows who ran the cash flow, the results, sensitivity results and also an appendix with all the assumptions used. This single document can then be emailed to a reviewer who would not need to access the software to complete a review.
Orbit layout
All main aspects of the software are accessible via the Dashboard window (see the first picture below.) From there an assumption set can be selected which is where all of the actuarial assumptions are entered (see the second picture below.) Assumptions sets can then be run individually or added together into model groups to produce a cash flow (see the third and forth pictures below.)