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 Frequently asked questions
Is Orbit free?
Orbit is free actuarial software. The software code has been developed by a collaboration of actuaries internationally. For further details please contact us.
Technical support: I am having difficulty logging in and starting the application.
(1) Ensure that the computer is connected to the internet and that a firewall isn't preventing the system from connecting to the internet. For office computers, general IT staff may need to assist to give the software such internet permissions.
(2) Orbit requires a recent version of Java, which is typically already included with most computers. General IT staff would be able to assist, or please feel free to contact us.
How do I know that the cash flows are reliable and correct?
Whilst the formulas supporting the cash flows are not viewable or amendable, through testing and widespread use the reliability increases with time. There is however no warranty provided with the software and users must use the software at their own risk. No liability whatsoever is assumed by the producers of the software.
Does Orbit produce market consistent embedded value (MCEV) cash flows?
In principle yes, although each company may have a slightly different implementation of MCEV and so there may be a need for requesting new functionality.
How can I contact the producers of Orbit?
Please see the contact details. The producers of Orbit are contactable by email or phone call.
Where is Orbit produced?
Orbit has been produced in various locations globally and is not country specific. Orbit supports the reserving methods of gross premium reserves (i.e. present value of future cashflows) and unearned premium reserves. Orbit does not contain U.S. specific reserving rules.
Can I request extra functionality?
Yes, click on the new functionality request link and describe the extra functionality required. We will estimate your request and get back to you within 5 working days.